Posted by: awildslimalien | February 25, 2010

Grey goose

Greylag goose

I tried not to be too dispirited when I discovered that the fine folk over at Caught by the river had had more or less the same idea as me at more or less the same time, but had – somewhat inevitably – managed to execute it first.  The first of their subscriber-only song compilations on the theme of birds appeared a month ago, just as I was pulling my own long-cherished plan together.

Hey ho.  I think there are probably more than enough bird songs to go around, and since I’m aiming to concentrate on individual species as far as possible rather than generic songs about birds, I only had definite plans to post five of the 21 songs that birder Martin Noble of British Sea Power picked for the first compilation, and not one of the 18 songs on the excellent second mix, compiled by Jimi Goodwin of Doves.  You’ll need to get over there quick to grab that.

Here in honour of the great minds or fools that we are is British Sea Power’s cover version of Lead Belly’s ‘Grey goose’.

British Sea Power – Grey goose 

Photo of greylag geese (Anser anser) in flight in North Norfolk by Michael Maggs, Wikimedia Commons.


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