Posted by: awildslimalien | March 21, 2010



Broadcast – Hawk

Photo of goshawk from Tooth & Claw.



  1. Great picture.
    A few years ago, I had the privilege of seeing a Peregrine Falcon take a kill in the air. A flock of (?racing) Pigeons were flying past nice and high and then there waas the most amazing swish as a Peregrine came down and took out the tail bird. It grapped it, and twisted and fell in a tumble and then the Peregrine just pulled away into a new flight path with the now dead Pigeon in its talons. So great to see the bird in action, and quite rare in these highly populated parts (although I am firmly in the country).
    Yesterday was a great day for bird activity. The Lapwings were making themselves heard as I dug in my potatos – so nice to have musical accompanyment – of a natural variety. Then as I got back from the local pub’s Sunday night quiz there was a real cacophony of bird call; a male and female Owl were obviously chatting each other up, the screech and toowit-twoo call and response kept me listening for a good 10 minutes, and then the wildfowl and geese on my ponds (I keep the geese as ‘pets’ and the ducks fly in nightly which is a spectacle in itself) obviously got a bit annoyed with this ‘chatting up’ and started their own calling.
    I do love the interest that my late father has installed in me, and being ex-music industry hearing these natural sounds is a huge added bonus (finely tuned ears you see!).
    On a separate note, if you’d like an MP3 of Jeff Beck’s Blackbird, drop me an email and I’ll forward as it amazes every listen (I used it to complie my own Birdsongs ‘CD’ as inspired by the releases by Caught By The River). Let me know as I think it would bring you much pleasure.
    Very best,

  2. That must have been quite a sight, Tom; and it’s always a treat to hear owl noise in the night. Thanks for your kind offer – I’ll be in touch.

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