Posted by: awildslimalien | April 21, 2010

Urban ospreys

Urban osprey

The Nightingales – Urban ospreys

This seems an appropriate moment to mention both The urban birder (birding reportage from the heart of West London), and the Tower 42 Bird Study Group (whose blog is subtitled ‘Avian dispatches from the heavens’ and has photos to match).

Thanks to the equally urban (not to mention urbane) Kevin for suggesting the song, which to my eternal shame I confess I’d overlooked, even given the name the group and this blog share.

Photo by philliefan99.  ‘This osprey (Pandion haliaetus) was hunting for fish on the Potomac River, with the semi-skyscrapers of Rosslyn as a backdrop. The other bird behind the osprey is one of a trio of bald eagles that was hunting nearby.’


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