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The Woody Woodpecker song

Green woodpecker

Original Cartoon Cast – The Woody Woodpecker song

Sketches of green woodpecker by C.F. Tunnicliffe via Cortijada los Gazquez.

Posted by: awildslimalien | March 23, 2011

Woodpecker rock

Great spotted woodpecker

Nat Couty – Woodpecker rock

Photo of great spotted woodpecker by Olli38 via Flickr.

Posted by: awildslimalien | March 10, 2011

Red kite (Dropkick)

Red kite

Dropkick – Red kite

Photo via To hatch a crow.

Posted by: awildslimalien | March 7, 2011

Red kite (Declining Winter)

Red kite

The Declining Winter – Red kite

Photo by Mark Holderness via Natural images of Britain.

Posted by: awildslimalien | February 18, 2011

The north star grassman and the ravens


Sandy Denny – The north star grassman and the ravens

Image via Alladale Wilderness Reserve, Sutherland, Scotland.

Posted by: awildslimalien | February 16, 2011

The cuckoo


Bob Dylan – The cuckoo (Live at The Gaslight, 1962)

Still from film shot by Alastair MacEwen for Cuckoo!, a Mike Birkhead Associates’ production for the BBC series Natural world.

See also Kristin Hersh – Cuckoo.

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Horace Andy – Skylarking

Photo of skylark by Steve Arlow, Southend Ornithological Group, via South East Essex RSPB.

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Birds (Field Mice)

Extinct birds

The Field Mice – Birds

(A cover of the Neil Young song recorded live for Bernard Lenoir on France Inter, 16th September 1991.  The rest of the session is over at A jumped-up pantry boy.)

Plate from Extinct birds : an attempt to unite in one volume a short account of those birds which have become extinct in historical times : that is, within the last six or seven hundred years : to which are added a few which still exist, but are on the verge of extinction.  By Lionel Walter Rothschild, 2nd Baron Rothschild.  London, Hutchinson, 1907.  Via Wikimedia Commons.

  1. (top): Foudia bruante =? Foudia delloni by George Edward Lodge.
  2. (bottom left): Necropsar rodericanus (erroneous reconstruction based on “N. leguati”) by John Gerrard Keulemans.
  3. (bottom right): Necropsar leguati = Cinclocerthia gutturalis (albinistic specimen, wings and tail discoloured in captivity) by John Gerrard Keulemans.
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Bird and flag

Bird and flag

The Sea And Cake – Bird and flag

Illustration – taking its inspiration from this very song – by Laura Catherwood.

Posted by: awildslimalien | January 30, 2011

Dawn chorus

Dawn chorus

Boards Of Canada – Dawn chorus

Photo of Stauffer’s Marsh, Back Creek, Berkeley County, West Virginia by Wil Hershberger via The music of nature, where you can also hear a Stauffer’s Marsh dawn chorus, among many other nature recordings.

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The Verlaines – Bird-dog

LP cover art by John Collie.

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Man is not a bird

Man is not a bird

Broadcast – Man is not a bird

‘Man is not a bird’ by Simone Stefanini.

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The seabirds


The Triffids – The seabirds

Photo by Evelyn Lee.

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Birds (Electrelane)

Laughing stock

Electrelane – Birds

Image by James Marsh, used for the cover of the 1991 Talk Talk album Laughing stock.

Posted by: awildslimalien | December 20, 2010

Rockin’ Robin


Bobby Day – Rockin’ robin

Photo by Nick Cantle.

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Bert Jansch – Kittiwake

Photo of black-legged kittiwake by JJM via BirdForum.

Posted by: awildslimalien | November 27, 2010

I am a tree

 Scots pine

Guided By Voices – I am a tree

Where would many birds be without trees?  And where also would we?  In celebration of this particular tree, recently saved from the axe, Robert Pollard’s Guided By Voices.

And this seems the perfect moment to point you in the direction of The Great British tree biography.

Photo of Scots pine by awildslimalien.

Posted by: awildslimalien | November 23, 2010

A sparrow’s song

Shelley's rufous sparrow

The Coral – A sparrow’s song

Illustration of Shelley’s rufous sparrow (right) and Somali sparrow (left) by Henrik Grönvold from G. E. Shelley’s Birds of Africa, 1902, via Wikipedia.

Posted by: awildslimalien | November 17, 2010

A sparrow song


Tara Jane Oneil –  A sparrow song

Thanks to Alistair for the suggestion.

Painting by Basil Ede from Birds of town and village, 1965, with text by W.D. Campbell.  Tree sparrow (above).  House sparrow, male (middle), female (below).

Posted by: awildslimalien | November 14, 2010

Wren’s nest

Fawn-breasted wren

Vic Chesnutt – Wren’s nest

Photo of fawn-breasted wren by Aleix Comas from the Internet Bird Collection.

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